2021-08 Cardy Rocks

2021-08 Cardy Rocks

Notices to Mariners

Alteration of beacon from port hand mark to east cardinal mark and addition of light

08 - 2021

Issue Date: Monday 9 August 2021

Aid: Cardy Rocks

Area: East Coast

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby gives notice that on 1 st of September 2021, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, the beacon at Cardy Rocks north of Balbriggan (Position WGS84: 53° 37.912’N, 006° 10.859’W) will be altered from a Port Hand Mark to an East Cardinal Mark. The beacon will also be lit, following a recommendation made in the General Lighthouse Authorities (United Kingdom & Ireland) Aids to Navigation Review 2020-2025. The beacon’s position and name will remain unchanged.


Name of Aid Cardy Rocks
Port Area North of Balbriggan
Latitude WGS84 53° 37.912’N
Longitude WGS84 006° 10.859’W
Type of Aid Beacon (Unlighted) Beacon (Lighted)
Top Mark Red Can 2 black cones, one above the other, base to base
Day Mark Red Black with a single broad horizontal yellow band
Light Character n/a Q(3) 10s
Light Colour n/a White
Light range n/a 4nm
Power Source n/a Solar
IALA Category 3 3

Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the above changes take place.

By Order, Yvonne Shields O’Connor Chief Executive