2007-05-Pantaenius Buoy

2007-05-Pantaenius Buoy

Notices to Mariners

Fastnet Race - Pantaenius Buoy

05 - 2007

Issue Date: Friday 6 July 2007

Aid: Pantaenius Buoy

Area: South Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 26th June a Special Marker Buoy was placed on behalf of the Royal Ocean Racing Club to mark the western turning point of the course in the RORC's Rolex Fastnet Yacht Race taking place from the 12th to approximately 18th August from Cowes to Fastnet Rock to Plymouth.

Latitude (WGS) 51° 17.020' N
Longitude (WGS) 09° 41.040'W
Light Character Fl.Y.3s
Range 3 nautical miles
Type Special Mark
Shape Yellow Pillar Buoy
Topmark St Andrew's Cross


This buoy has no other Navigational significance except as a Race Marker.
This Buoy will be retrieved as soon after the completion of the Rolex Fastnet Race as circumstances permit.

Radio Navigation Warnings are in force with regard to the placing of the buoy. These RNWs will remain in force until the buoy has been retrieved.
No further Notice will be issued.

By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.