Equipment Hosting

Hosting of Technical/Comms Equipment

Equipment Hosting

Fanad Head

We have lots of properties and infrastructure around the coastline, both onshore and offshore – including many ‘high sites’ ideal for mounting specialist communications equipment.

Most sites enjoy mains power and can facilitate additional communications equipment or environment telemetry devices.

Third-party equipment is sited at many of our coastal sites to facilitate:

  • Mobile operator network coverage
  • Weather monitoring
  • Data collection for academic and industry organisationssuch as offshore renewables


Aims of Irish Light’s third-party hosting programme

  • Evaluate the suitability of our sites to support third-party data acquisition
  • Ensure that third-party equipment is hosted in a manner that minimises as far as possible effects on local residents and visual impact, respects natural and human heritage features, and is sensitive to land uses
  • Promote a consistent approach in the preparation, assessment and determination of applications for equipment siting and associated planning approval of telecommunication infrastructure if required
  • Encourage consultation by interested clients early in the permitting process if required
  • Remove disused equipment structures when they cease to be operational

For further information, please contact our Commercial Services team.

Phone:     +353 1 271 5400