Access to Lighthouses

Access to Lighthouses

Access to Lighthouses

Inishtrahull 1 2 11 2009 J KellyAccessing our spectacular lighthouses

We look after 72 lighthouses, many of them in spectacular locations with stunning views of dramatic seascapes, cliffs, beaches, islands and mountains. They conjour up images of bravery, solitude and protection.

If you would like to access these lighthouses for film and television projects, educational purposes or other projects, we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

You can use the properties as an operational base or as a unique marine location for your project.

To request the use of a lighthouse property, please contact our Commercial Services team.


Phone:     +353 1 271 5400


Note: Please provide as much information as possible to enable due consideration to be given to your request. If your request is successful, certain conditions must be complied with for health & safety and insurance purposes.