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24-Hour Emergency Response

24-Hour Emergency Response

24-Hour Emergency Response

We monitor our aids to navigation 24 hours a day. However, any system can fail - so if you notice a problem with any of our services please contact us directly.

If you see an aid to navigation that is not functioning correctly

please contact our 24 hour emergency number on +353 1 280 1996


Monitoring of Aids to Navigation

  • To provide an effective Aids to Navigation (AtoN) service, we monitor and control selected AtoN to fulfil navigational, operational and legal requirements.
  • We have a number of report networks around the coast.  Our aids are monitored in local areas by buoy watchers who report if an aid is not functioning correctly. Passing ships and members of the public can also report to us directly.
  • Remote monitoring and control of distant or isolated aids to navigation improves the quality of service by decreasing response times to an outage.
  • Monitoring also allows for trend analysis of AtoN performance, allowing early prediction of failures, and hence precautionary attendance on site to prevent failures.  It can also save on the cost of responding to what is later found to be a false alarm.