Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN

Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN

Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN

Riggs Bank Virtual Aton

We recently established a port hand virtual buoy at the Rigg Bank, South of Mew Island at the entrance to Belfast Lough.  This virtual aid to navigation (AtoN) is marking a nearby 8.4m depth at position 54° 38.63’N  005°27.10’W.  

We would be grateful if users could provide us with valuable feedback by completing a short online survey that is available at:


We would like to reassure respondents that this is an anonymous survey.  For more information on the use of  AIS as an aid to navigation please see:

Irish Lights Notice to Mariners No. 03 of 2013

Virtual AtoN

IALA Virtual AIS Aid to Navigation icon.

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