2016-05 Approches to Dublin Bay

2016-05 Approches to Dublin Bay

Notices to Mariners

Approaches to Dublin Bay, Establishment of a Special Mark Buoy

05 - 2016

Issue Date: Wednesday 27 July 2016

Aid: Special Mark

Area: Dublin Bay

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 01 October 2016, or as
soon thereafter as circumstances permit, a Special Mark Buoy will be established on the
Bennet Bank on the Northern Approaches to Dublin Bay.
The buoy will be positioned 500 metres West of the existing Bennet Bank South Cardinal
The purpose of this buoy, is to trial and validate new e-Navigation applications and
advances in buoy materials, lanterns and power systems.
Buoy Name: Irish Lights Trial
Buoy Type: Special Mark (Yellow)
Character: Fl (4)Y 10s
Position: 53˚ 20.187’N
05˚ 55.578’W (WGS 84)

This buoy has no navigational significance.
Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the above changes take place.

By Order, Yvonne Shields Chief Executive.