2010-02-Burren Rocks Beacon

2010-02-Burren Rocks Beacon

Notices to Mariners

Establishment of light on Burren Rocks Beacon

02 - 2010

Issue Date: Monday 1 March 2010

Aid: Burren Rocks Beacon

Area: East Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on or about Friday 30 April 2010, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, a light will be established on the unlighted Burren Rocks Beacon. This beacon is presently a West Cardinal Mark and will be altered to a Lighted Starboard Lateral Mark having the following characteristics.

Burren Rocks Beacon

Position: (WGS84)53°29.353'N 06°02.460'W
Structure: Starboard Hand Lateral Beacon.(Green Steel Pole)
Topmark: Green Cone
Character: Fl G 5s fl 0.3
Range: 5nm
Elevation (above MHWS): 7.5m
Lighting Time: Hours of Darkness
Burren Rocks Beacon

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Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the above change takes place.

By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.