2015-11 eLORAN Trail Discontinued

2015-11 eLORAN Trail Discontinued

Notices to Mariners

eLORAN Trial Discontinued

11 - 2015

Issue Date: Monday 14 December 2015



The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that from 11.00 UTC on 31st December
2015, the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) will discontinue the Initial Operational Capability
(IOC) prototype/trials of Enhanced LORAN (eLORAN) in the UK and Ireland.

The eLORAN IOC prototype service has been provided by GLA since 31st October 2014. It has
used transmissions from Anthorn, UK, operated in cooperation with 8 other transmitters in
northwest Europe and augmented by coastal reference receiving stations sited near major ports
on the east coast of Scotland and England.

Signals from eLORAN transmitters in France and Norway will go off-air on 31st December 2015.
Without these signals, eLORAN in the UK and Ireland will not provide maritime positioning or
navigation capability.

Mariners are advised that from 1100 UTC on 31st December 2015 all currently equipped eLORAN
and LORAN-C receivers in northwest Europe will cease to function correctly and such receivers
should be switched off until further notice.

By Order, Yvonne Shields, Chief Executive