2011-07-Haulbowline-Reduction in range of light

2011-07-Haulbowline-Reduction in range of light

Notices to Mariners

Haulbowline Light (A5928) - Reduction in range of light

07 - 2011

Issue Date: Friday 27 May 2011

Aid: Haulbowline Lighthouse

Area: East Coast of Ireland - Carlingford Lough

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on or about 1 July 2011, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, a new solar powered light with reduced range will be installed.


Existing Light

New Light



54° 01.196'N

54° 01.196'N (WGS 84)


06° 04.740'W

06° 04.740'W



Fl (3) W 10s (fl 0.2s)

Fl (3) W 10s (fl 0.5s)


Visible - 360°

Visible - 360°


Shown in reduced visibility





All other details remain unchanged.

Radio Navigational Warnings will be issued when the above change takes place.

Dr S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.