2008-04-Withdrawal of No1 and 2 Arklow Buoys

2008-04-Withdrawal of No1 and 2 Arklow Buoys

Notices to Mariners

Permanent withdrawal of Arklow 1 and 2 buoys

04 - 2008

Issue Date: Monday 3 March 2008

Aid: No 1 and No 2 Arklow Buoys

Area: East Coast of Ireland


The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on or about 12 April 2008, or as soon as possible thereafter, the Arklow No. 1 and No. 2 buoys will be permanently withdrawn.
The geographical positions of these buoys are:

Arklow No. 1

Arklow No. 2


52° 44.327'N


52° 50.294'N


05° 56.029'W


05° 54.558'W

Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the withdrawals have taken place.
By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.