2012-11-Repositioning of Killeany Buoy

2012-11-Repositioning of Killeany Buoy

Notices to Mariners

Killeany Bay - Inishmore County Galway Repositioning of Killeany Buoy

11 - 2012

Issue Date: Thursday 26 July 2012

Aid: Killeany Buoy

Area: Inishmore County Galway

20 July 2012


The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 9 October 2012, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, the existing Killeany Buoy will be repositioned approximately 200 metres in a direction of 310°(T).


Existing Position (WGS 84)

New Position (WGS 84)

Latitude           53° 07.259'N

Latitude 53° 07.329'N

Longitude         09° 38.226'W

Longitude 09° 38.366'W



Reproduced by permission of the UK  Hydrographic Office

Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the above change takes place.

By Order, Yvonne Shields Chief Executive.