2003-07-Coningbeg Lightfloat

2003-07-Coningbeg Lightfloat

Notices to Mariners

Temporary Withdrawal of Coningbeg Lightfloat

07 - 2003

Issue Date: Tuesday 29 April 2003

Aid: Coningbeg Lightfloat

Area: Coningbeg

Notice No. 7 (2003) is cancelled and re-issued as Notice No. 8 (2003) with amended information.
The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on Monday 26th May 2003, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, the Coningbeg Automatic Lightfloat (A5832) will be withdrawn from station for maintenance purposes for a period of approximately five days. During this period the Lightfloat will be replaced by a high focal plane buoy, having the following characteristics:-

Buoy Type

 South Cardinal Mark


 Pillar Buoy


 Yellow over Black

Top mark

 Two cones points downwards


 Q(6) + L.Fl. 15s

Light Range

 9 nautical miles

Fog Signal

 Wave Activated Whistle


 Morse M

The geographical position of the Coningbeg Automatic Lightfloat is:-


 54° 02.39' N


 06° 39.45' W

Radio Navigational Warnings and notices will be issued during the course of the withdrawal and return to station of the lightfloat.