2019-06 Wicklow Head Lighthouse Light Reduction

2019-06 Wicklow Head Lighthouse Light Reduction

Notices to Mariners

Reduction of range of navigational light.

06 - 2019

Issue Date: Tuesday 19 February 2019

Aid: Wicklow Head Lighthouse

Area: East Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 01 March 2019 or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, the range of Wicklow Head Lighthouse will be reduced from 23 Nautical Miles to 18 Nautical Miles. All other details remain unchanged.

Existing Light New Light
Position 52° 57.947 ’N 005° 59.889 ’W 52° 57.947 ’N 005° 59.889 ’W
Character Fl(3) W 15s Fl(3) W 15s
Range 23 Nautical Miles 18 Nautical Miles
Elevation 37 metres 37 metres
Displayed Hours of darkness only Hours of darkness only

Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the above changes take place.

By Order, Yvonne Shields O'Connor, Chief Executive