2009-10-Kish Lighthouse

2009-10-Kish Lighthouse

Notices to Mariners

Kish Lighthouse - Temporary Reduction In Range of Light

10 - 2009

Issue Date: Friday 22 May 2009

Aid: Kish Lighthouse

Area: East Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that, due to planned engineering works, a temporary light will be established on the Kish Lighthouse for approximately one week from on or about 17 September or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit.

The nominal range of the temporary light will be 10 nautical miles. All other details remain unchanged.

On completion of the works the nominal range will be restored to the present 22 nautical miles.

Radio Navigational Warnings will be issued when the above changes take place.
The WGS84 Position of the Kish Bank Lighthouse is: Latitude 53°18.650'N Longitude 05°55.542'W .
By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.