2008-02 eLoran Transmissions

2008-02 eLoran Transmissions

Notices to Mariners

e-Loran Transmissions

02 - 2008

Issue Date: Tuesday 1 January 2008



  Further to NOTICE TO MARINERS NO 6 OF 2007 (DATED 10 SEPTEMBER 2007).

The General Lighthouse Authorities are establishing a new Enhanced Loran (eLoran) station in Anthorn, Cumbria, UK (coordinates: Latitude 54° 54.673' N. Longitude 03° 17.237 W). System verification and calibration commenced on 1 October 2007 and is due to be completed on or about 21 December 2007. The broadcast signal will be "blinked" meaning that user receivers should not use the signal. The station will be declared fully operational on or around 15 January 2008 when the "blink" will be removed so that user receivers can use the signal. Existing Loran receivers may require software upgrades from their equipment suppliers to use the new station.

The signals from Anthorn will be transmitted, with a Group Repetition Interval (GRI) of 6731Y (67,310µs) and an Emission Delay (ED) of 27300µs. The signals will be modulated with Eurofix data messages with the facility to broadcast differential GPS, differential Loran, integrity information and UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time) parameters. Appropriate receivers will be required to receive Eurofix data messages.

Maritime Users are strongly encouraged to use eLoran as a navigational input system to back-up and complement the widespread use of GPS.

All radio navigation systems are susceptible to interference (including jamming) and environmental effects, which can adversely affect their availability. The GLAs strongly advise that no single Aids to Navigation system should be used in isolation and that users should use all alternative means available to cross check the information received.

The General Lighthouse Authorities are committed to the future of eLoran as offering a terrestrial radionavigation system without the vulnerability to interference of GPS, and are keen to hear feedback from the user community on the performance of eLoran.

By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.