2004-09-Coningbeg Lightfloat

2004-09-Coningbeg Lightfloat

Notices to Mariners

Coningbeg Automatic Lightfloat Automatic Identification System (AIS) Trial Service

09 - 2004

Issue Date: Friday 24 September 2004

Aid: Coningbeg Lightfloat


The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on or about the 31st October 2004, a Trial AIS Service will be established on Coningbeg Automatic Lightfloat as follows: -


 Coningbeg Automatic Lightfloat


 52° 02.395'N


 06° 39.448' W

MMSI Number


Message Type

 AIS Aids to Navigation Report (Type 21)

Message Content

 Position, Name and Status of Aid to Navigation, (Repeated at 3 minute intervals).


Mariners are advised that the message content above will be displayed on the AIS Minimum Keyboard Display (MKD) together with the range and bearing to the Lightfloat.
User report or comment on the provision of this service is welcomed. Comments should be addressed to the Inspector of Lights & Marine Superintendent, Commissioners of Irish Lights, 16 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2; or by email to aisforum@cil.ie.

It would be appreciated if user reports could provide as much of the following detail as possible:


All radio navigation systems are susceptible to environmental effects and interference (including jamming), which can adversely affect their availability. The Commissioners of Irish Lights strongly advise that no single aid to navigation system should be relied upon in isolation and that AIS users should use all alternative means available to cross check the information received.

By Order, T. M. Boyd, Chief Executive.