2007-04-eLoran Transmissions

2007-04-eLoran Transmissions

Notices to Mariners

eLoran Transmissions

04 - 2007

Issue Date: Thursday 7 June 2007





Disestablishment of Rugby and Establishment of an eLoran station at Anthorn

With reference to CIL NOTICE TO MARINERS NO 9 OF 2005 (DATED 6 MAY 2005), the General Lighthouse Authorities have, over the last two years, conducted trials of LORAN, including those transmitted from the GLA's trial site in Rugby. These trials have demonstrated that LORAN has the capability to provide a complementary terrestrial alternative to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

In order to facilitate the longer term development of enhanced LORAN (eLORAN), the General Lighthouse Authorities will terminate their trial transmission service from Rugby with effect from 4 July 2007.

On or about 1 October 2007, the General Lighthouse Authorities will commence transmissions of an eLORAN service from Anthorn, Cumbria, at approximate Latitude 54° 54.7' North and Longitude 003° 17.3' West. This service will incorporate Eurofix DGNSS transmissions, and the facility to transmit both differential LORAN correction messages and Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTC) signals.

Maritime users are strongly encouraged to use LORAN as a navigational input system to back-up the widespread use of GPS. Existing LORAN receiver users will require software upgrades from their equipment suppliers in order to use the new signal.

All radio navigation systems are susceptible to interference (including jamming) and environmental effects, which can adversely affect their availability. The GLAs strongly advise that no single aids to navigation system should be used in isolation and that users should use all alternative means available to cross check the information received.

The General Lighthouse Authorities are committed to the future of eLORAN which offers a terrestrial radionavigation system without the vulnerability to interference of GNSS, and are keen to hear feedback from the user community regarding the performance of eLORAN.
By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.