1996-01 - Caution

1996-01 - Caution

Notices to Mariners


01 - 1996

Issue Date: Monday 1 January 1996




The Commissioners of Irish Lights request Mariners navigating around the Coast of Ireland to exercise the greatest care to avoid damage to floating Aids to Navigation.
Mariners are requested to give all Light Floats, Lanbys, and other navigational buoys as wide a berth as possible (having regard to the strength of the tide), and to report immediately to the nearest Coast Radio Station any navigational aid that they observe to be in need of attention.
Mriners are reminded that under Section 666 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, a fine can be imposed on any person who wilfully or negligently runs foul of, or makes fast to, any Light Float, Buoy or Beacon, in addition to the expense of making good any damage so occasioned.
Mariners are invited to contact Commissioners of Irish Lights directly regarding comments they may have on any aspect of the Aids to Navigation Service on the Irish coast or on hazards to navigation.
By Order, T.M.Boyd, Chief Executive.