Castletown Bearhaven - Eastern Entrance Bantry Bay

Castletown Bearhaven - Eastern Entrance Bantry Bay

Notices to Mariners

Disestablishment of Carrigavaddra Beacon and establishment of Carrigavaddra Lighted East Cardinal Buoy

07 - 2016

Issue Date: Wednesday 27 July 2016


Area: Castletown Bearhaven - Eastern Entrance Bantry Bay

Following recommendations made in the General Lighthouse Authorities (United Kingdom & Ireland) Aids to Navigation Review 2015-2020 Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 01 April 2017, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, a lighted buoy is to be established East of the Carrigavaddra Rocks at the Eastern entrance to Castletown Bearhaven.

Buoy Name: Carrigavaddra
Buoy Type: East Cardinal
Character: VQ (3) 5s
Position: 51° 38.757’N 009° 45.989’W (WGS84 Datum)

The existing unlit Carrigavaddra Beacon in position 51° 38.670’N 009° 46.330’W (WGS84 Datum) will be disestablished (topmark removed) as soon as circumstances allow after the establishment of the Carrigavaddra Buoy.
Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the above changes take place.

By Order, Yvonne Shields Chief Executive.