2009-12-Virtual AtoN Trial

2009-12-Virtual AtoN Trial

Notices to Mariners

Virtual AtoN Trial

12 - 2009

Issue Date: Thursday 30 July 2009



The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on or about 07 September 2009 two test Virtual Aids to Navigation (Virtual AtoN) will be established in the Irish Sea approximately 20 nautical miles East of Baily Lighthouse.

These AtoN have no navigational significance and there will be no physical AtoN established and no obstruction of any kind to shipping.

The purpose of this trial is to consult with users on the utility of Virtual AtoN and to gather information on the manner in which they are displayed on the equipment on passing vessels.


Name: CIL Test VAtoN #1
Position: 53° 21.00' N, 05° 30.00' W (WGS 84)
MMSI: 992506010
AtoN Type: Safe Water Mark
Name: CIL Test VAtoN #2
Position: 53° 27.00' N, 05° 30.00' W (WGS 84)
MMSI: 992506011
AtoN Type: Safe Water Mark

All users are invited to provide email feedback to aisproject@cil.ie on the range at which the AtoN were received and the method by which they were displayed. Further details are available on the Commissioners of Irish Lights website www.cil.ie.
These AtoN will be withdrawn on 01 March 2010.
A Radio Navigational Warning will be issued when the Virtual AtoN are established and disestablished.

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