2011-06-Castletownbere Precision Directional Light

2011-06-Castletownbere Precision Directional Light

Notices to Mariners

Castletownbere Precision Directional Light - Adjustment of Sectors

06 - 2011

Issue Date: Monday 28 March 2011

Aid: Castletownbere Precision Directional Light

Area: South West Coast


The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 27 February 2011, the alignment of the light was adjusted to a White Sector Centre bearing of 023.25°.

Directional Light (A6436 - Dinish Island)

Position 51° 38.779'N WGS 84
  09° 54.315'W
Character Dir Oc. W R G 5s. (ec 1.0) Displayed 24 hours
  Now visible
  G  019.5°-023°,    (3.5°)  
  W 023°   -023.5°, (0.5°) Centre Line 023.25°
  R  023.5°-027°,    (3.5°)
Range Day Night
  Green 2NM Green 12NM
  White 4NM White 15NM
  Red 2NM Red 12NM
Daymark  White Hut Red Stripe  
Height 7m above MHWS  


Radio Navigational Warnings have been issued to advise of the above changes.


Dr. S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.