2003-04 - Glandore Harbour

2003-04 - Glandore Harbour

Notices to Mariners

Establishment of New Temporary Glandore Buoy

04 - 2003

Issue Date: Wednesday 26 February 2003

Aid: Glandore Harbour

Area: Glandore Harbour

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that as soon as circumstances permit, a new buoy will be established as follows:




 51° 33.09' N 09° 06.58' W (WGS 84)


 Lateral Buoy - Preferred Channel to Port


 Green with one broad red band



Light Character

 Fl (2 + 1) G 7s(fl 0.3, ec 0.4,fl 0.3, ec 1.2, fl 0.3, ec 4.5 = 7)

Following the destruction of the lighted Glandore South West Beacon by storm damage the purpose of this buoy is to mark the shoal patch 'The Dangers' and to indicate the preferred navigational channel. All mariners are advised to use caution when navigating in this vicinity.

A revised Radio Navigational Warning will be issued when the buoy is established.
By Order, T. M. Boyd, Chief Executive.