2019-05 AIS List

2019-05 AIS List

Notices to Mariners

Transmission of AIS as an aid to navigation.

05 - 2019

Issue Date: Monday 4 February 2019

Aid: AIS AtoNs

Area: All

The Commissioners of Irish Lights have continued with the roll out of AIS Aid to Navigation functionality to a number of AtoN. 

The following stations will be equipped with permanent AIS functionality in the period to March 2020:

Name Station Type Position (WGS84) MMSI
No.1 Rusk Buoy 52°28.539'N, 006°11.799'W 992501048
North Long Buoy 52°21.432'N, 006°16.967'W 992501053
Corlis Point Front Leading Light Lighthouse 52°37.100'N, 009°36.363'W 992501156
Broadhaven Lighthouse 54°16.065'N, 009°53.330'W 992501190
Carrickpatrick Buoy 54°15.557'N, 009°09.141'W 992501192

A list of AIS Aids to Navigation provided by the Commissioners of Irish Lights can be found at /media/53364/AIS-2019.pdf 

A comprehensive up to date list of AIS Aids to Navigation for the island of Ireland can be found in the Admiralty List of Radio Signals Volume 2 (NP282). 

For guidance on the use of AIS as an Aid to Navigation, mariners are advised to refer to Commissioners of Irish Lights Notice to Mariners No.3 of 2019.

By Order, Yvonne Shields, Chief Executive