Women in Maritime Day

Women in Maritime Day

Women in Maritime Day

“Today on International Women in Maritime Day, we celebrate the amazing women in the industry and work towards a more gender-balanced workforce. While it's crucial to recognise and honour the achievements of women, we must also acknowledge the male allies who've supported us along the way. When I started my career 20 years ago, female leaders were scarce, but I had the privilege of working with Captain Dermot Gray, who's been a constant ally and mentor to me. He's selflessly passed on his knowledge and expertise to promote the advancement of women in the industry.”

Reflecting on IMO Women in Maritime Day on gender equality after 20 years in Maritime, Melissa Lynch – Navigation Support Officer – Irish Lights. 


In the context of promoting gender diversity and inclusivity, both International Maritime Organization and IALA recognise the importance of creating an environment where women can thrive in the maritime sector. IMO has taken several initiatives, including the integration of gender equality considerations into its work, advocating for increased access to education and training for women in maritime fields, and promoting women's empowerment and leadership. 

Similarly, IALA is committed to fostering gender equality and increasing the representation of women working with marine aids to navigation. Through its technical and capacity-building programs, IALA encourages the participation of women in various aspects of the sector and provides opportunities for skill development and career advancement. 

Working together, we can bring about positive change and enhance diversity in the workforce. #WomenInMaritimeDay

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