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  • Commercial Services
    Commercial ServicesThursday 2 April 2020

    We provide marine consultancy and advice, vessel and buoy hire, data collection technologies, venue hire and film location services.

  • Buoy Services
    Buoy ServicesTuesday 16 April 2024

    We offer a number of tailored buoyage systems, ranging from deep water to in-port lighting - including buoy hire, maintenance and consultancy.

  • Our Buoys & Beacons
    Our Buoys & BeaconsTuesday 18 September 2018


  • Smart Buoys and Sensors
    Smart Buoys and SensorsWednesday 7 June 2017

    Our Smart Buoys use leading edge technologies for monitoring and reporting of environment conditions.

  • Stakeholders & Services
    Stakeholders & ServicesThursday 23 February 2017

    Our main function is to provide an Aids to Navigation service, but we also offer vessel, buoy, marine consultancy, tourism, data, venue hire and even ...

  • MetOcean Charts
    MetOcean ChartsWednesday 29 May 2024

    Some of our buoys that are transmitting live environmental information - see the graphs, raw data and Twitter feed.

  • Storm Rachel –Smart Buoys Tell The Story At Sea
    Storm Rachel –Smart Buoys Tell The Story At SeaMonday 9 November 2015

    Storm Rachel –Smart Buoys Tell The Story At Sea

  • March Smart Buoy Update - Two Additional Smart Buoys Deployed
    March Smart Buoy Update - Two Additional Smart Buoys DeployedMonday 9 November 2015

    South Hunter and Foyle Smart Buoys Deployed

  • Our Lighthouses
    Our LighthousesFriday 13 November 2015

    Use our interactive map to view our lighthouses and buoys around the coast of Ireland.

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