Cashla Bay Lighthouse


53°15.834' North 09°33.982' West

Aids to Navigation


G005°-008.5° (3.5°), W008.5°-011.5° (3°), R011.5°-015° (3.5°)

Height of Tower:

4 metres

Height of Light MHWS:

6 metres


Dir Iso WRG 5s (24hr)


White: 8 nautical miles, Red and Green: 6 nautical miles

Radar Beacon:


The light at Cashla Bay was first established on 1 March 1984. The present apparatus was installed on 18 July 2005 when daylight exhibition of the light was introduced.

The character of the light is Dir. Isophase White Red Green 5 Seconds

The nominal day range of the light is White 3 Nautical Miles, Red and Green 2 Nautical Miles.

The nominal night range of the light is White 8 Nautical Miles, Red and Green 6 Nautical Miles.

The sectors are: Green 005.0°-008.5°, White 008.5°-011.5°, Red 011.5°-015.0°. 

The height of the light is 6 Metres Above Mean Spring High Water. 

On 17 December 2007 a vertical red stripe was painted on the white tower to upgrade the daylight conspicuity of this aid to navigation.

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