Commemorative Illumination of Haulbowline Lighthouse

Illumination of Haulbowline Lighthouse

Commemorative Illumination of Haulbowline Lighthouse

Last year Newry Maritime Association illuminated Haulbowline lighthouse with the permission of Irish Lights as it was the centenary year of the collision and subsequent sinking of two vessels the SS Connemara and SS Retriever with the loss of 93 souls at the entrance to Carlingford Lough on the 3rd Nov 1916.


This year Newry Maritime Association have approached Irish Lights again to carry out a similar exercise to pay a special act of remembrance to "Rescue 116" who were frequent visitors to their area, and were well known and respected. Capt. Duffy's mother is from Newry.  They are going to light up the inland quadrant of Haulbowline Lighthouse again. This will commence on Friday 11th August at 21:30 and extinguish at 00:30 each day until Friday 1st September at 00:30.


This is an important event for Newry maritime Association  but also Irish Coast Guard, H.M Coast guard, R.N.L.I and of course Irish Lights who played such an important roll in the search and recovery.

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